The applications of NeurOptimal®

Discover the applications of NeurOptimal® today!

Dynamic Neurofeedback & Concentration

Brain training with NeurOptimal® can help you function more efficiently and at your best in all aspects of your life: at home, at school, at work, in sports, and even at play!

The NeurOptimal® as helped to improve the mental acuity and concentration of many executives, entrepreneurs and people who need to remain mentally active all the time.

Many challenges that come from lack of concentration, self-confidence, but also the existence of intense anxiety, disappear when the brain is trained to function properly.

Discover the benefits of dynamic neurofeedback!

Dynamic Neurofeedback & Sleep

Sleep is necessary to maintain good health and well-being. According to research, sleep helps to boost the immune system, heart health, regulate weight, improve mood, and even boost memory.

A good night's sleep is vital to functioning at our best, and if you're are someone who needs help with that, NeurOptimal® might be the solution for you.

The NeurOptimal®, through technology and neurofeedback brain training, can help manage and improve sleep.

Dynamic Neurofeedback & the Elderly

Finding ways to maintain good physical and mental health as we age is definitely a challenge!

Security, independence, better memory, and an overall good quality of life are top priorities for seniors – and rightfully so.

Learn more about how seniors can stay active and slow their cognitive decline through NeurOptimal® and dynamic neurofeedback.

Dynamic Neurofeedback & School

The skills we develop during our school years are the foundation of the rest of our life!

Skills such as attention and focus, listening, memory, organization, but also understanding how concepts are connected to each other, besides being important in school, are also cornerstones for our everyday lives.

In order to develop these skills and ensure the best for future generations, it is important that students, teachers and parents are in excellent mental condition.

The NeurOptimal® does just that, allowing the individual to perform at their optimum, developing their ability to transition, to respond, and to become accustomed to being more flexible.

Dynamic Neurofeedback & Exercise

The benefits of physical exercise are well-known and undoubtedly contribute to maintaining overall health, maintaining weight, improving sleep, increasing productivity, and increasing our body's energy.

What if we trained our brains along with training our bodies? Brain training with NeurOptimal® can complement and enhance all efforts to improve mental and physical health.

Learn more about how adding NeurOptimal® to your training program can help you get the edge you're looking for!

Dynamic Neurofeedback & the Arts

Being an artist can be so rewarding, but those rewards do not happen without demands and challenges.

There are many times when an artist feels stuck, with reduced creativity and low productivity.

Did you know that through dynamic neurofeedback you can get the help you need to bring out your talent and artistry?

The NeurOptimal® helps train the brain, whilst also contributing to a person's ability to remain resilient to stress.